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My journey to the Natural Health Improvement Center has been simply Providential…I know this may sound a little overly spiritual, but I truly believe that my God brought me to this place.
After exhausting the testing of conventional medicine, MRI’s, blood work, etc. and taking various awful medicines that just made my condition worse, I was led to the Natural Health Improvement Center. My symptoms had been accumulating over a three to four-year period but came to an intolerable intensity about five or six months before finding the NHIC. My level of fatigue was such that my entire life was affected by it. I could hardly get out of bed in the morning so I had to quit my job and we even had to change my three children’s schooling choice and my husband had to miss a lot of work. This was terrible, because we already didn’t have health insurance and the lost work complicated the situation financially for us. I had a terrible burning and itching in my right ear as well as throbbing pain in my neck and head that was constant and kept me up all night. My blood pressure was very high. I really felt like I needed to prepare myself and my family for the worst. I had such fears surrounding this.
I first went to a wonderful doctor in Orlando that helped me to explore areas that might not have been considered or that might be less obvious. I was then guided in the direction of looking into my teeth which I did in Clearwater with Dr. Ray Behm. Dr. Behm tested me for metals and found that I had high levels of mercury and referred me to the Natural Health Improvement Center. Although I knew it was going to be a very long drive regularly and a big commitment, I knew I had no other option than to try it.  And, actually, compared to the prices of conventional medical approaches, it was relatively inexpensive.
Within a month of treatment, my ear pain, headaches and neck pain were totally gone! Apparently, there was a concentration of metals there and the non-invasive treatment caused it to slowly “move.” My blood pressure normalized and I’m now close to feeling like myself again energetically.
Another huge relief I’ve experienced is a decrease in the amount of phlegm that I had in my throat on a regular basis. I am a professional singer and I could hardly sing anymore because of the coughing and now, it’s almost all gone. I can sing clearly again! Most importantly, I feel like I can enjoy my children fully once again. This is the joy of my life which, I felt had been stolen from me because of my health. I wish I had the money to send everyone who suffers with their health to the NHIC just to motivate them to take the leap of faith like I did. The sacrifices I’ve made have been well worth it in order to feel well again.
While I’m thankful for all the doctors who have tried to help me get to the bottom of things, the staff at NHIC were able to not only handle these issues but also really validated the intensity of what I knew I was feeling throughout my body 24/7. I am forever grateful to you!