All my symptoms are under control

I had chronic IBS with pain and diarrhea plus the following: chronic fatigue, weight gain around the middle, daily headaches, hot flashes, sleeplessness, unable to think clearly and complete tasks, dark circles around the eyes and puffiness, constant cravings for sweet foods and other “bad” foods, breathlessness at times, parasites and colon blockages.

The IBS is under control and I now feel confident to go out. I have lots more energy!! I look and feel great. I have lost 3 ½ inches around my waist. The headaches have gone. I am having fewer and less intense hot flashes. I am sleeping through the night. My mental capabilities are better. The puffy eyes have diminished, the dark circles are improved and the my skin looks great. The cravings have gone. The parasites seem to have “calmed”.

I feel better and my colon is less blocked and irritated.

D.D. October 17, 2007 9:38:44 pm

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