Blood Pressure & Toxicity: From “a mess” to at my best!

Two and a half months ago I moved to Clearwater from Michigan. Prior to this, my health had been progressively worsening with blood pressure increasing to a point where medications were at their highest dosages with no results. My heart appeared to have  a problem, I couldn’t sleep and I had been to medical doctors for six months and was worsening.

A friend of mine told me about the Natural Health Improvement Center and indicated that she has friends that had gotten better through the Center’s treatment. 

I was skeptical because of past experience with doctors and no results. Just prior to visiting with Dr. Scott at NHIC, I had a full medical exam with hair and blood testing as well as cardio-vascular testing. The cardio-vascular tests showed nothing wrong though I experienced chest pains that had the apparency of a heart attack. The blood results showed that my mercury was so high that it was off the chart and lead was right behind that. This was still the case after having 20 intravenous chelation treatments and other heavy metal detoxing.

When I first met with Dr. Scott, he tested me for heavy metals and I was at the highest concentration that can be tested for mercury, lead close behind. All of the symptoms I was experiencing; the high blood pressure, heart pain, sleeping problems, and fatigue coupled with moments of memory loss were directly due to this high toxicity.

I can say this now with total certainty because after only 11 visits, the mercury is almost completely out of my system and the lead is completely gone! My blood pressure is now almost text book perfect, my sleep is great, I have absolutely no difficulty with my memory and I have no more heart pain. I am completely well.

Before visiting Dr. Scott, I had spent between $10,000 – $20,000 in medical bills trying to find out what was wrong with me. For a small amount of money and by sticking with a very easy program as given by Dr. Scott, I am well.

M.C. August 4, 2008 2:45:40 pm

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