Dr. Scott got me pregnant!

I am 37 years old and have two kids (13 & 17) so I knew I could get pregnant.

My previous conceptions were very quick. It was only a couple of times trying and I was pregnant. I thought this time it would surely be the same.

I started trying in June of this year. I didn’t get pregnant for a couple months and I started to wonder what was happening.

I started looking into things like hormones and the cause for them not functioning properly. I read up on all things that can happen once you start getting into premenopause and I became concerned that my hormones were all out of whack because I had so many of the symptoms of hormone imbalance. I started looking into natural estrogen and progesterone therapies and spoke to an expert on the subject. I became convinced that hormones were my problem and that “natural” remedies like vitamins, weren’t going to help me.

I read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” a great book, and started charting my cycle. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on. It turns out I wasn’t ovulating! This is a pretty major thing for someone my age. And it is something that needed to be handled if I was going to get pregnant.

I had to take my daughter to see Dr. Scott for something that was going on with her and after some argument with him (me exerting myself that it was a hormone issue and him asserting the fact that he could help me if I just let him), he convinced me to see him to see if anything was going on that could be an issue underlying the hormone problems.

When he tested me, he found that my pituitary gland (one of the main hormone-producing glands in the body), was weak, as well as my ovaries (again vital in the process of getting pregnant). I thought, “Oh! Well this makes sense!” So even though I was skeptical I decided to do the program and see what happened.

I did Dr. Scott’s program for one month and the very next month, I ovulated! I had a nearly perfect cycle. But I didn’t get pregnant.

I continued with his program through my next period and I ovulated again! And lo and behold…I just found out I am pregnant!

So basically I went from being hormonally challenged and imbalanced and not ovulating at all to being pregnant in 6 weeks!

I think if you were to talk to many women out there who have problems getting pregnant, you would find that they are using all kinds of other methods, drugs, hormones and other things that in actual fact are not good for their bodies and don’t find the correct problem and handle it.

Dr. Scott and the techniques used at the Natural Health Improvement Center are the best that you can do. Not only did it help me but it has helped many, many people I know.

Thank you so much Dr. Scott for your persistence and willingness to help me. You have made this the best Christmas ever!

S.S. December 19, 2009 3:16:13 pm

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