I am very pleased

I am very pleased with the results of my 12-visit program over 3-4 months. Several issues were totally cleared up and my 35-year bout with exercise-induced heart irregularities is 80% better and continues to improve.

A couple accompanied me on the 100-mile trip to your facility. Both were helped dramatically. The husband was scheduled to go on drugs for cholesterol, onset of diabetes, allergies and prostate. He feels great and takes no drugs.

His wife felt several old health issues returning. She had been holistically helped with them in Indiana and was considering going back for further treatment. After a few visits to NHIC, she felt much better… and continues to improve.

For me, side benefits of the program were a more optimistic outlook and renewed zest for life.

Our treating practitioner does a great job and the front office people are pleasant, helpful and efficient.

Drugs should be the last resort. A few diet and lifestyle changes, guided by NHIC, should do the trick in most cases.

C.L. October 17, 2007 9:13:59 pm

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