I can hardly wait to see what will get better next

When I started my personal healing program 10 weeks ago, I was struggling with the after-effects of long-term inadequate sleep and some very stressful life events (my fiancée suddenly died two days before Christmas). I also knew that the nutrition I was doing for myself needed to be reviewed. I also had a persistently sore foot, which had not fully recovered from a stress injury.

After two weeks on my healing program, I was feeling stronger in general and more hopeful about my future. By eight weeks, my sore foot recovered and I was able to wear pretty high-heeled shoes to a wedding reception where I danced for a full hour and was still able to walk without pain!

After nine weeks, I noticed that I no longer needed to wear a sweater in an air-conditioned store to avoid “freezing” – my body now adjusts quickly and easily to any sudden change in environmental temperature. This had been a problem for me for as long as I can remember (since childhood!). I can hardly wait to see what will get better next!

E.H. October 17, 2007 9:22:07 pm

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