I Feel Normal Again!

In June 2009, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I had surgery to remove my pancreas, spleen and part of my intestines. Since that time I have had numerous problems with my digestive system and high and low blood sugar. Over the last couple months, I have had severe cramping and bloating after each meal.

I came to the Natural Health Improvement Center in the hopes of finding some help for my debilitating stomach cramps. I met with Dr. Damanti and he proceeded to test me for my weaknesses. And believe me, at that time I was weak and wondering about my quality of life going forward.

Within the first week of a new diet and supplements, my cramps had diminished. Over the last four weeks I no longer have any stomach cramps, thanks to Dr. Damanti. I feel normal again when I eat and have even gone out to restaurants and enjoyed a meal without worry that I would become sick immediately after eating.

The Natural Health Improvement Center and Dr. Damanti have been a godsend to me and I wanted to share my story so others could possibly benefit from it by seeking nutritional help with their problems.

M.R. December 1, 2009 9:45:59 am

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