Maintaining Good Health on Cruise Control

I have always eaten nutritious food and sometimes some junk food. I started at NHIC as a patient in early 2005 and had a major health problem that was life-threatening at times. That is now a thing of the past and as I got healthier and healthier I stopped craving sugar and junk food. Now I cringe when I contemplate eating something with sugar in it and it really seems toxic to me now. I don’t like it, ever and that is unbelievable because I previously had to resist it like mad.

I don’t take very many supplements now and I am almost never sick. No colds, sniffles, nothing. I actually exercise now which is something I refused to do before unless I gained a few pounds. At 44 I am in the best shape of my life, am very fit and feel like I did when I was in my 20s. In fact, the other day a 25-year-old I work with just knew I was lying when I told him I had children his age. I don’t have a lot of attention on trying to look younger than my age and I think that just comes with excellent health and clean living.

Now, I haven’t always been the best patient, but with a little chiding I have gotten good at taking my supplements, eating only real food (not things that are pretending to be food), and exercising. I report in every once in a while and get checked out and cruise along maintaining my health. I don’t have to wonder when I am going to get sick or who will cover me at work if I miss, etc. It hasn’t taken very long to get healthy and now that I am, I’ve just got it on cruise control and staying healthy seems effortless and fun.

I really appreciate Dr. Damanti, Dr. Ulan and the clinic staff and look forward to seeing them on my next checkup. Thank you!

J.L. January 15, 2009 11:04:04 am

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