Mercury Levels Down

When I came to see you, I was going into my fifth year of recovery from environmental poisoning. One of the most insidious and toxic poisons that I was completely incapacitated from was mercury. I had seen several practitioners who had me go through several different detoxification programs which included chelation and DMPS’s among others. I saw some improvement but knew I could feel much better. I was somewhat surprised when you tested me and my mercury levels were still high. You started me on a nutritional program and constantly monitored my mercury levels and my body’s reponse to the moving out of the heavy metals and other environmental toxins. My mercury levels are now negligible and my body is now healthy enough to start removing the other toxins that were very high. I am looking forward to improved health and am very glad to have found you and all the the practitioners at the Natural Health Improvement Center.

TAD, MMQ March 12, 2008 6:53:26 pm

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