My skin looks great

I thought that vitamins and individual vitamins was what I needed to take the place of food that I didn’t eat. Also, I did not realize that cheating in my food would hurt as long as I only did it occasionally.

Wow, I am learning every day how to feel better with knowledge that good means a big deal. Everything has to be balanced. Good vitamins are found only in real food. My grandchildren are always sick. So, now I do what I did with my own children. I puree (hide) food with flax seeds, etc in their food. I use all the foods so that they are balanced. This is what I am doing with myself. I research the colors to eat, the vitamins we need in them and then I research recipes I can try and play with until I get the right taste my family loves. Flour, the right natural sugar, everything that will work. Quinoa flour I mix with spelt instead of white flour, for example.

I feel great, my skin looks great, I have energy and good health and I will see my grandchildren.

R.B. October 17, 2007 8:42:04 pm

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