No More Asthma, Off Insulin!

At 16 weeks pregnant, I was experiencing blurry vision and sometimes blackouts. My gynecologist then discovered I had gestational diabetes and quickly got me started on insulin and a strict diet. Every week, my dosage had to be increased until they found the right dosage. I became “stable” for a few weeks and then my dosage had to be increased again every month. I was giving myself insulin shots three times a day and checking my sugar levels six times a day. In addition to that, I had severe asthma, the kind that worsens with pregnancy, and my primary care physician told me I had to be on asthma drugs for the rest of my life to prevent a serious asthma attack and to prevent my baby from not receiving enough oxygen. I was told that the asthma episodes could not be reversed and the baby’s well-being was at risk. Even with all the medication I was taking, I always felt out of breath before and during pregnancy and had to sleep in an upright position in order to breathe a little better so I could rest.At seven months gestation, I visited Dr. Scott and after the first couple of weeks of treatment, my insulin dosage started to be reduced until I was completely off the insulin. In addition, with Dr. Scott’s treatment for asthma, I was off my asthma medication almost immediately. By the time I delivered my baby, I was completely drug-free and felt great. It has been five months since I had my baby and I have not had to take any asthma drugs. Amazing, considering how bad this pollen season has been!

My family and I are so grateful to Dr. Scott. He has definitely improved my quality of life and is keeping me off any pharmaceutical medication. Thank you, Dr. Scott!!!

G.R. June 30, 2009 9:53:25 am

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