NRT handled my chronic back pain


I kept waking up with a horrible pain between my shoulder blades on the left hand side, even after taking recommended supplements.

Until, this morning… I woke up and did my standard “stretch” to try to work it out and I realized: I couldn’t feel anything, no pain! That definitely got me started on the right side of the bed. It made me realize that before, the ache was such a daily occurrence that I had actually gotten into the habit of expecting to feel it right when I tried to get out bed. What a nice surprise not to feel it, after all this time. It started back in 2004 when I was really sick with mono and it just never went away. Until NOW. I’m so glad to know and experience first-hand this amazing technique, Nutrition Response Testing. GO NRT! WOOT WOOT! GO DR. SCOTT! Sorry, I’m hyper.

Dr. Scott- It’s all your fault.

L.P. August 26, 2008 3:07:24 pm

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