Phil’s Great

Call me “Phil Lousy.” At least that’s who I was in September 2008 when I came to the Natural Health Improvement Center. I have had health problems for the past 20 years. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (problem with intestines) and diverticulitis (inflammation in colon). I had approximately a third of my colon removed and came down with fluid in my lungs. They put me on a respirator and drug-induced coma for one month.

I was released from the hospital in not very good health. I never was able to recoup my energy and vigor for life. September 2008 brought on more problems – kidney stones. But the hospital and diagnostic center both said I did not have kidney stones. Dr. Scott listened to me and started me on nutritional support for my kidneys. Thanks to Dr. Scott’s nutritional support which I think was the reason, I passed what was not supposed to be a kidney stone one month later.

Also, while in the hospital for the surgery on my colon, I had a blood transfusion. After I was released, I had a blood test and was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. My viral load was about 300,000 – 400,000. Dr. Scott than put me on nutritional support for my liver.  Eight months later, another blood test showed the viral load had gone down to 14,000, a drop of approximately 350,000.

What else can I really say other than thank you Dr. Scott and crew. I wish I had found you all 20 years ago. Although, you all were probably still in elementary school. Oh well, I have found you now.

Are you ready for this name change? “Phil’s Great!”

T.R. August 11, 2009 12:28:54 pm

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