Tumor gone and diabetes under control!

In November 2002 I ended up in the hospital for the first time since I was a kid. Being 49 years old, I was surprised to find out I was diabetic and started taking a drug to handle it.

In April of 2004 I ended up being taken in an ambulance from work to the hospital with severe back pain that doubled me over and internal bleeding. I was told it was most likely kidney cancer. I started studying alternative treatments and a very good friend referred me to a web site where I found several hundred alternative treatment protocols, I started 3 of them right away, mainly minerals and some cancer killing foods as well as the master cleanser fast. I did all this and managed to keep off any cancer drugs or chemotherapy and then, after going in and out of the hospital several times over the next year, I was scheduled for surgery in October of 2005 to remove my kidney as it was not healing and had become life threatening.

The surgery went as well as can be expected and I started on my recovery. I was still drinking coffee and eating meat and having some dairy and fruit. Everything was going along fine but, in January of 2006, my doctor was concerned about my elevated white blood cells so he did a bone marrow test and diagnosed me with leukemia. I started on a drug for that.

I decided to quit coffee and bread and made a better effort to make sure no sugar. I went along kind of slowly for the next year then, in January of 2007, I had a cat scan and they found lesions on my liver.

The doctors suspected the kidney cancer had metastasized. I immediately started on the alternative protocols again for the cancer and did this for several months and then I had a liver biopsy done in June of 2007 and it was conclusive that the kidney cancer had spread. My doctor scheduled surgery for August 2007. He was going to remove my gall bladder before the laser surgery. That would have left me with one kidney, no gall bladder and a partial liver. My therapies were not working again.

My daughter had become aware of some doctors in Florida that were using Nutrition Response Testing and she urged me to try this before surgery. I did not believe it could help but she insisted and I flew from Arizona to Florida to get tested. I saw Lester and the first analysis revealed that my system was blocked from healing itself, and all my supplements and minerals — and the prescription drugs — tested negative for effectiveness and were not working either.

Further tests were done to find out what was causing the block and I was asked by Lester if I had ever been around carpeting. I was a carpet contractor for 28 years. He said that the formaldehyde showing up, which is associated with carpeting.

So I started taking one drop of this tincture in water everyday and came back 4 days later and was tested again and I was not blocked any more and my body was healing and all my drugs and supplements as well as minerals were now testing positive for effectiveness.

Further testing was done and mercury and aluminum came up and my liver showed up. All this only required one drop of tincture in water for the metal poisoning and one tablet of supplement for the liver. I stayed in Florida until mid-July and then went back home to have surgery on my liver.

Before the scheduled surgery, I had one more MRI (to make sure the tumor did not grow too big for the type of procedure they wanted to do). Much to my surprise they could not find the tumor — IT WAS GONE – and also earlier they had found lesions on my spleen and they were gone as well.

So here it is, January of 2008, and I am still taking my 3 drops of tincture and supplements daily and I have been completely off my diabetic medicine since June of 07 and have not had any surgeries as well. As a note, I regularly test my blood sugar, which remains in a high normal range (approximately 120). I just returned from another trip to Lester and this time my bones and joints were coming up as a block so I started on supplements for that. Coincidently leukemia is a bone marrow disease.

I was doing all the right things with the alternative treatments but it was not working until I found what was stopping it from working. None of these alternative programs knew how to debug their therapy. If it did not work, many people just would try it and die when it did not work.

I found this out with the Nutrition Response Testing and with Lester’s mastery of the testing procedure. I highly recommend this as a “must do” with regard to staying healthy and keeping the body fed with the right nutrition.

Thank for your help, I am glad to be alive.

January 23, 2008 2:24:21 pm

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