Undeniable wins, “I feel cleaner and lighter inside!”

I started the nutrition program in September 2008. At that time, I didn’t know anything about it but I was up for trying new things. At my initial consultation, I didn’t know what to make of it, Nutrition Response Testing seemed way “too new” a technique.

But, I got some nutrition to take and did so even though I always considered my body was healthy. I was also instructed by Dr. Scott to change my diet. I had been eating junk foods such as McDonalds & Taco Bell once a week. Interestingly, I never considered the food choices I made as being not healthy and never had attention on it. Though, I did believe that I was drinking too much coke.

I wasn’t serious about the program at first, I just thought, “Yeah, whatever, it’s supposed to be good for me, so I’ll take it.” But, I kept going for check-ups about once a month.

Then recently, I got sick. Now, this doesn’t happen often and taking medication just isn’t an option for me but I still needed something that would put me back in good shape. So I went to Dr. Scott’s clinic and he fixed me up with additional nutrients and to my surprise, it cured me completely! Within three days I felt much better. I couldn’t believe it but I loved it! I didn’t have to take any medication, I didn’t have to worry about harming my body with medicine and I got well. To me, this was a breakthrough of this technology! It does work and it works well! And I am happy to be a part of it!

After this incident I felt happy so I went shopping for some new summer clothes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Size 6 was falling off of me. I now wear size 4!!! When I started this program back in September, I was wearing size 8 clothes. It is a good feeling.

After I was told to get off the junk food and coke, I did get off of them. I started to eat mainly meat and vegetables and instead of Coke, I started to eat apples and oranges. It did the trick. Not that I was looking for losing weight, but this is a nice surprise! My body just does not miss any of the food I was eating before, like potatoes, pasta, rice. I feel cleaner and lighter inside. I don’t have that stuffed-up feeling anymore.

So, to sum up, even though I had doubts about this program when I first got into it, I don’t have these anymore. This is the best way to keep my body in good shape!

V.H. March 31, 2009 1:40:27 pm

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