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more energy

balanced hormones

feel younger

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Don’t Let Health Hurdles Hold You Back

Struggling with hormonal imbalances, fertility complications, or other chronic symptoms?

We understand how frustrating and debilitating these challenges can be, impacting every aspect of your life and leaving you feeling overwhelmed or maybe even hopeless.

You deserve to feel like yourself again.


Imagine feeling healthier, more energetic, and finally able to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.

Our functional medicine services help you overcome obstacles by addressing the root causes, allowing you to celebrate a whole new level of well-being.


feel younger

Age isn’t about a number, it’s about function. When your body and its organs have the essential nutrients it needs, a feeling of youthfulness can be attained.


More energy

Your body is a complex system made up of many smaller organs and cells. We’ll figure out which ones need the most help so they are all working as a team again.


balance hormones

Your body has about 50 hormones. We’ll give you a personalized program that make sure they are balanced in relation to each other.

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I’m with you every step of the way

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott Damanti.

Health struggles like yours are exactly what motivated me to become a functional medicine doctor.

Over the last couple of decades I have helped thousands of people just like you recover their vitality by addressing the underlying, nutritional causes of their symptoms.

I look forward to helping you recover your health so you can get back to being you.


Here’s how we’ll do it

Step 1. Schedule a visit

We’ll test your body to find out what’s up and give you some real answers.

Step 2. Personalized Plan

You will have a tailored therapy regimen designed to address the root cause of your issues.

Step 3. Get back to being you!

With your nutrition back in balance, you’ll have the energy to tackle your goals again.

Custom Solutions Await

At the Natural Health Improvement Center, our unique approach combines personalized nutrition therapy and chiropractic care to unlock your body’s full potential.

We use a specialized testing method for determining your body’s specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective treatment for the lowest possible cost.

What our patients say…


My journey to the Natural Health Improvement Center has been simply Providential…I know this may sound a little overly spiritual, but I truly believe that my God brought me to this place.
After exhausting the testing of conventional medicine, MRI’s, blood work, etc. and taking various awful medicines that just made my condition worse, I was led to the Natural Health Improvement Center. My symptoms had been accumulating over a three to four-year period but came to an intolerable intensity about five or six months before finding the NHIC. (more…)


I am a believer!!
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with my spot-on diagnosis with Nutrition Response Testing.  The doctor had no previous history of my exposure to various pigments and yet, this was indicated in testing. It completely blew my mind.
The fact that I had been breathing in all that mineral pigment during 15 years of manufacturing work was never something I would have thought to ever, ever address.
It is a tribute to the accuracy of the Nutrition Response Testing and I can attest that this finally feels like the right “why” was found on my body. I’ve already noticed an improvement since I have been taking the supplements.
Thank you very much!


I am amazed at the precision of  Nutrition Response Testing. I have been under Dr. Scott’s care for some months and was doing exceptionally well until a few days ago and did not understand what had brought on the pain symptoms I was experiencing. Dr. Scott found it was chlorine. I realized I had used bleach to get out some stains. My body was not used to the toxin and reacted to it. Amazing! Thank you so much.